Sponsored Video: Have a Smooth Valentine’s Day

So it is that time of year again to treat the missus to something romantic. Some love it, some hate it, but as a standing point for a relationship, the Valentine’s Day is the don of the romance market.

Every year we tackle the restaurants, or try and cook something special, but when it comes down to it, the simple things in life can make your partner the happiest. Forget the boxes of chocolates, and the bunches of roses this year…

So that’s where Wilkinson Sword strike their simplistic rule of keeping the day less irritating for your loved one by having a shave.

Of all the days to irritate your partner, Valentine’s Day is just not the one. So before the big day, grab a clean shave with Wilkinson’s Sword.

Check out the video below where unsuspecting couples find a note embedded in a huge beard…

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This post is sponsored by Wilkinson’s Sword, however the opinions are of the author.