Sponsored Video: Heineken Response on The Odyssey film authenticity

In a response to comments over Heineken’s latest global advertising campaign, the Heineken PR team have posted a response to viewers’ doubts about the authenticity of the latest film, The Odyssey.

The advert in question features 20 non-actors performing some amazing skills, the skills that show that every man is legendary at something. There is break dancing, tap dancing, beer bottle opening and some very controversial facial hair, plus a whole bunch more of awesome stuff. This is twelve guys, all with a unique skill-set, condensed into one video.  

Once the ad was posted, a debate sparked online about whether the men in the video were truly skilled or not. However the campaign directors wanted to show ‘that there are no boundaries between real and fake, proving that real men have unique skills, and everyone is legendary at something.’

To get their point across, they decided to release the casting tapes from the skilled men they hired for the job. There are no tricks, no fakes here, just pure legendary skills…watch the video below to find out more:

This advert is the follow up to their recent ‘Legend’ campaign, which showed a series of ‘Men of the World’ who are pushed to discover their limits and overcome them.

Heineken is available pretty much everywhere, and is the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand.

As always, drink responsibly, and please don’t try any of these stunts at home.

This post is sponsored by Heineken, however the opinions are of the author.