Sponsored Video: Holiday Inn spend $1 billion to revamp over 3,000 hotels

When it comes to hotels, we always have something to complain about. It could be the bed being too small, the food not being warm enough or a dirty bathroom. You name it, and we’ve complained about it.

Finding a swanky hotel that is well received by its stayers, for an affordable price is really a nightmare. The endless hours we all spend researching places to stay, prices, star ratings and location really becomes a drag. We sit and read hundreds of reviews, look at a whole heap of pictures just to find something that tickles our fancy and that will make our stay, wherever we are, that much more satisfactory.

So, to entice you into their chain of hotels comes the brand new $1 billion relaunch of Holiday Inn’s hotels. Yep, that’s right, $1 billion. That is a hell of a sum. And judging by the feedback so far, the revamp has been an incredible investment for its guests. To get real reviews from the horses mouth so to speak, Holiday Inn decided to collect its reviews from everyone that stayed and provide this lovely video to show us what the fuss is all about. Watch the video below:

With over 3,125 Holiday Inn hotels pimped worldwide, this could possibly be the world’s largest hotel revamp, ever. New decor, bedding, and lobbies, bathroom improvements, and even a new logo. So when you’re looking to stay somewhere on your travels, a Holiday Inn is well worth considering.

This post is sponsored by Holiday Inn, however the opinions are of the author.