Sponsored Video: Meet & Greet with David Hasselhoff

In this digital age we can’t always be sure as to what information is actually accessible by the average man or woman. It’s quite scary when you sit back and think about it, and what implications this may have on you and even your family. The tiniest thing can be incriminating, or because it’s online can become someones first impression of you, and what you are all about.

The endless amounts of social networks available to share all your information and photos is quite astonishing. Photos have become such a massive part of your online presence nowadays – think Instagram, Flickr and much more. You have to always think, and be wary of posting that photo online, and what it could potentially do to you, your reputation, your family and your job.

Simple things such as looking for a new job can now be hindered by your digital footprint. Certain jobs can carry their own image-weight, so again this is something that we just need to think about first.

Not only that, but the actual security aspect is also something to think about. How secure are we online? Do you have the same password for all your accounts? If so, you may want to have a re-think!

With all the latest ‘Heartbleed’ news, and celebrities having bits and pieces of technology hacked, it does make you think.

So, to take a different spin on this, F-Secure and David Hasselhoff have teamed up to do a meet and greet to find out what Digital Freedom means to people. Watch as the Hoff invites two lucky winners on an adventure…

This post is sponsored by F-Secure, however the opinions are of the author.