Sponsored Video: Pringles – Fan vs. Sour Cream & Onion

Now here is something you don’t see everyday. One man, three onions and a ball of gunk above his head. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the MASSIVE clock next to him(I said clock, re-read that if you read it wrong). 

So what’s this all about then? Pringles? Onions? You look confused. And so you should be. Let me clear this up… 

We all know and love Pringles, they are an amazing snack, perfect party food, and we all know what happens to a Pringle when you place it in the microwave (not recommended by us to try by the way). But have you ever been given a Pringle flavour challenge? 

In a series of four films, Pringles have launched the Fan VS Flavour challenges. Four slightly odd challenges, but never the less, entertaining. These videos are also interactive, and you are asked to guess who will win the head-to-head challenges. 

In this challenge, we find a young man donning the task of taking down three onions in under a minute before a lovely balloon of sploodge annihilates his head. Many of you may have tried this challenge before or something similar, but for myself, eating one onion raw is a massive challenge as it is. Even the first few bites and my eyes are watering like Niagra falls.

So, do you think he can do it? Watch the video below and see the end result:

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