Sponsored Video: Reebok Challenges You To Be More Human

Reebok has launched a new campaign that challenges you to “Be More Human”. In this new campaign, the global-fitness brand wants to make it their mission to change how people perceive and experience fitness.

This comes in-hand with their new symbol, the Reebok Delta, which has three sides to represent represent the physical, mental and social change that comes through living a fitness lifestyle.

The “Be More Human” challenge calls-out for all those passionate individuals that go the extra mile in their fitness. The dedicated individuals that don’t do it for the money, or the prestige, but purely to make themselves better people.

Through fitness they become better parents, better leaders, better teachers, better partners and overall a better, stronger version of themselves. People have the power to transform themselves physically, mentally and socially, but they can only do it by their own passion and heart – no one is going to drag them out of bed at 6am.

Fitness is a way of life, and a life that everyone should be living. This digital age has taken over many of us, and dragged us into the powerful screens, the social media vortex and left us unhealthier, and more unfit than ever before.

Reebok knows this is happening, and wants things to change for the better. So, are you man enough to “Be More Human”? Check out this video below that has some true grit, some true dedication, and some truly astounding physical performances:

This post is sponsored by Reebok, however the opinions are of the author.