Sponsored Video: Snickers Mr Bean – High Kick

One of the many things you remember when growing up is iconic performers for television shows. They mould a lot of the views you have on the world and remind you of the funny times, and the sad times.

For me, Mr Bean was so iconic for his nonsensical performances on-screen. The situations he would find himself in are somewhat funny, but to a certain extent quite sad, and you feel an overwhelming love for the character. His innocence and proven ability to get out of that particular moment is so heartwarming, and really draws you into the scenes.

The team over at Snickers obviously have the same view of Mr bean and decided to enlist the best man for their job of performing a HighKick for comic effect. The video features martial arts experts demonstrating the amazing ability to jump, kick, and even backflip to hit a target that the average person just wouldn’t be able to hit. Mr Bean is then called in to show these gentlemen who is the real boss. Watch the video below:

These videos are all part of a new campaign for the nutty-snack to show you that you may not be yourself when you’re hungry. Some people act in funny ways, some get mad, some get tired, and some are a nightmare to be around. This time, it’s Kung Fu Master Cheung who is not quite himself when he is hungry.

Snickers have always showcased some crazy and funny adverts. They even had Mr T at one point, and yes, he was driving a tank!

This post is sponsored by Snickers, however the opinions are of the author.