Sponsored Video: Tiger Beer presents #Uncage

Every day we go through certain routines. Many of these routines are by choice, some are a necessity, and a lot are essential parts of your life.

We fundamentally have to eat, sleep and drink to survive, and everyday we are thinking of ways to improve our lives for the better. We get up, go to work, come home, and go to bed. Then, repeat. But what can you do just to mix things up?

Some people look to improve their jobs, some look to build a bigger, stronger family. For many others, it’s living life outside of a cage, and living it to the fullest. Do you sometimes feel caged? What if you could change your usual routine and start living life a little differently?

Tiger Beer have unleash their wild side and showcased the lives of some amazing characters that live their life uncaged. This showcase is of three three talented individuals who live their lives uncaged from a female tattoo artist in Hong Kong, to a Thai stunt actor who didn’t follow a traditional career path. These people are the spearhead of a new campaign by Tiger, and they sure do look cool!

Are you ready to live a life uncaged? Do you already live an uncaged life in your free time? Submit pictures of your life in a #cage and when you #uncage on the Tiger #Uncage site!

I myself am #caged to a computer screen for work, like many others…


Outside of work, it’s #uncaged game on…


This post is sponsored by Tiger Beer, however the opinions are of the author.