Sponsored Video: Visa contactless pay

Who would have thought that in 2013 you can pay for items at till by just holding your card up to a little machine and not even have to press a button. Or hold your mobile phone up to the nifty payment machine and complete your purchase in a matter of seconds. Well Visa have followed through with this thought with their contactless payment methods.  

We’re living in a society now that is super fast, and everything needs to be done in an instant. No longer do we bother going to a cash machine and drawing money out, or even way back when you used to take your little book into the bank, cue up and get money out from the bank. You even had to time it so that the bank was actually open. Imagine that now? Short for cash at 3am in the morning when the kebab-cravings have kicked in and you spent your last shilling on that beautiful blonde at the bar (usually in my case the order is for “TAP, WATER” – I’m a generous person, honestly).

The new payment methods that Visa have put into place allow you to pay in several ways, with little hassle and ultra quick swipy-type motion. Paying safely, easily and quickly has never been so simple. The evolution of technology has taken another turn in the right direction, allowing us more time for our friends and family. Or, more time to get a solid few hours on Call Of Duty.

Visa launched this new advertisement to showcase the 2013 way to pay, by following a sweet old-boy getting faster and feeling more agile, using new ways to pay on his journey… 

This post is sponsored by Visa, however the opinions are of the author.