Sponsored Video: Volvo launch the ‘You Inside Project’

Now here’s a first: An App, for your car. We are constantly bombarded with new applications for Facebook, iPad, iPhone etc, and now Volvo have launched the ‘You Inside Project‘ Facebook App. This App allows users to upload photos of their car’s interior, and filling in some information the app analyses the data and gives users a little insight into their personality. You can also grab an insight into other users personalities, all from a little picture of their car’s interior by browsing other users. It’s always fun to nosey into peoples lives too, so you can see what people actually have in their cars. Is it just me, or do you find your car becomes abit of a litter bin? Travelling around working and eating in the car leaves a wonderful mess in mine, aswel as a smell! Maybe this App isn’t for me. Anyway.

The idea is to give Volvo the inspiration and ideas onto creating the next generation of cars, aftter all there is only so much money they can invest in their market researchers. This hands-on approach gives Volvo a head start in this new generation of motors. Volvo have already used this technique to find out just what the drivers need, they implemented the XXL one size for all cup holder and sunglasses compartment as standard. 

Check out the video below to find out a little more about the VolvoYou Inside Project‘ and upload your photos now to the Facebook App by clicking here.

This post is sponsored, however opinions are that of the author.