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Creativity comes in many forms. Some people draw, some people write, and some people come up with a marketing slogan and series that becomes one of the greatest, most memorable and hilarious.

Carlsberg’s “If Carlsberg made…” is one of the best, if not the best manvert (man-advert – yep I think I just made that up) series around. They’ve had this fantastic slogan for so many years, and it never gets old.

The latest campaign shakes off the winter blues and fulfills us with a sing-along ode to beer. It’s karaoke at its finest, and because it’s Carlberg, it’s just genius. Everytime they release a new advert, they absolutely nail it.

So sit back and relax with a fresh one, get the karaoke machine out (or get the missus to give you her hair brush) and sing along to the best Karaoke in the world… “If Carlsberg did Karaoke, it would be the best in the world.”

Careful singing too loud to this one though, especially if you’ve had a couple of pints as your missus may not be best please, or the next door neighbour’s dog.

As always everyone, we know that it’s tempting, but smashing down one-too-many units can cause some serious damage, to both your health and your ego, so make sure you drink responsibly and enjoy it.

This post is sponsored by Carlsberg, however the opinions are of the author.