Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Swordplay

Wilkinson Sword have released a very sexy new video campaign to get your pulse racing and raise the eyebrows of every man and woman. It’s a unique approach to an advert, but lies deep in the heart of their 200 years of precision.

In this fantasy battle, these two very aesthetic individuals take foreplay to a whole new level by introducing swords into the mix. It’s probably the sexiest sword fight you’ll ever see, and nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Wilkinson Swordplay
Stripped via the Sword… that’s not a euphemism.

The cinematic film plays on the precision and heritage of the sword, as a man and a woman battle their way through a historic hotel in the heart of Brussels. During the fight, a different part of their clothing is sliced away, thus playing on the Wilkinson Sword ethos of ‘freeing your skin’.

If the undressing isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, then the choreography, backdrop and cinematography work so well together and really pull you into this intimate love story.

Wilkinson Sword have been #readytoduel since their inception back in 1772 as a sword manufacturer for the British Army, so they know the score when it comes to the intricate art of sword fighting.

Wilkinson Swordplay Fight
These two sure know how to put on a show.

Not only have they released this exciting new video campaign, they are also doing an awesome giveaway for both men and women. They are giving you lucky people a chance to win £250 worth of Agent Provocateur (ladies) or Sunspel (gents) underwear, and a host of Wilkinson Sword goodies.

Watch the video below, and follow the link by clicking the video to enter the competition:

This post is sponsored by Wilkinson Sword, however the opinions are of the author.