Sport causing relationship issues for 20% of Brits

As Britain gears up for the Euros and a summer of sport, research from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, today reveals that almost twenty percent of British couples will experience ‘relationship issues’ over the coming weeks as football fanaticism takes its toll.  The biggest bug bear is partners who talk throughout the match, followed by those who constantly ask questions and those who commit the cardinal sin of revealing the score before their partner has had a chance to watch the match.

The last problem could potentially become an even bigger issue this Euro 2012 as the research reveals that although live TV is still the most popular way to watch a game, one in ten Brits won’t be able to watch the football live this summer. The second most popular way will be on catch up via Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or computer, with a third of people planning on getting their footie fix this way (37%). The third most popular way to experience the game will be via the radio (19%), followed lastly by watching it live on the internet (13%).

For all those people who won’t be able to watch the games live, Samsung is launching a ‘Don’t Tell the Score’ campaign for its Freesat+ and HD Personal Video Recorder (PVR) – encouraging people to be sensitive towards friends and colleagues who might not yet know the score.  With an estimated 25 million fans watching via catch up, Brits will be doing everything they can on the way home to avoid hearing the result. Spare a thought for friends and colleagues who will most likely be; avoiding the radio (41%); avoiding the web (39%); banning others from talking about the match (28%); steering clear of pubs and bars in case they catch the score (22%) and lastly if you can’t get hold of anyone you know why as 16% will be turning off their phone.

The sleek and stylish Samsung SMT-S7800 Freesat+ HD PVR with Hard Disk Drive (HDD) provides choice and flexibility with the ability to record up to 250 hours of standard definition or 120 hours of high definition recording with its 500GB of storage. No longer do football fans have to watch the channel they want to record, with the in-built twin tuner people can record one channel whilst watching another. Similarly, if they have missed a programme (or game), they can also download it from BBC iPlayer or view content online via YouTube exclusively with Samsung.