Stalker – Martin Kemp is no longer Mr Nice Guy

Despite hard-man acting roles most spectacularly in The Krays and as Steve Owen in Eastenders, mild-mannered Kemp is perhaps surprisingly seen by most as being one of life’s good souls. With his directorial debut on Stalker however he does his level-best to quash the nice-guy image once and for all with the production of a taut edge-of-your-seat thriller which has more than a few nasty surprises.

Stalker was made on a micro budget but with amazing locations and moody cinematography, Kemp manages to draw strong performances from his very British cast which includes Anna Brecon (best known as Lady Tara in Emmerdale) and Jane March (The Lover / Colour of Night). March is on frighteningly twisted form, making her mark in a far darker way than in her sexy debut The Lover after which she was dubbed the ‘Sinner from Pinner’

With an ensemble cast of British talent including Billy Murray, Colin Salmon, Jennifer Matter, Danny Young and Triana Terry Stalker was shot mainly on location in an incredibly spooky Gothic mansion which plays as strong a role in the tension build-up as any member of the cast.

Telling the tale of a famous novelist struggling with writers-block (Brecon) who retreats to the country to work on her new book having been menaced by a dark figure from her past, Stalker is a nail-biting thriller in the tradition of Single White Female and Misery.

Written and directed by Kemp and produced by Brit-flick maestro Jonathan Sothcott, Kemp’s partner in Black And Blue Films, Stalker is being distributed by 4Digital Media.


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