Stay safe on the internet and help prevent Cybercrime

Everyone is using the Internet nowadays, even your Gran is chilling on Facebook. Scary thought huh? Although this is no way near as scary as the criminals lurking around the cyberworld. They have the ability to infiltrate networks in any medium and cause havoc in our lives. So it’s super important to stay safe when connecting up to the big-ass world of the Internet.

We are all dependent on electronic networks and information systems, and for it to stay that way, we must be careful. The European Commission is reaching out to everyone who uses this cyberworld and asking them to take as much care as they can to avoid the dreaded dirty side of the Internet. 


Cybercrime is always going to be around, attacking information systems with fake band websites, stealing your passwords and private information. However there are a few simple procedures you can put into place when using the Internet to prevent this horrible situation occurring. Watch the video in the player above to find out more info.