“Stop Zombie Mouth” Halloween Campaign Sowing Five Million Free Trading Cards in Addition to Free Copies of Plants vs. Zombies

The American Dental Association® (ADA) and PopCap Games today announced a new tendril of their recently launched “Stop Zombie Mouth” campaign: beginning today, a limited run of one million packs of trading cards featuring characters from PopCap’s hit game Plants vs. Zombies is being distributed via thousands of participating dentists nationwide. Each card pack also includes a coupon redeemable for a free copy of the full PC/Mac edition of the game. The game coupons can also be downloaded for free from the campaign website, www.stopzombiemouth.com, which added a wealth of fun new content today, from Halloween decorations and kids’ activity pages to a themed music video, fun facts and much more.

The Stop Zombie Mouth campaign also announced that it now has the support of Margo Wootan, Director of Nutrition Policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). “Changing eating habits among children is one of the most important yet difficult challenges that parents face today,” Ms. Wootan said. “The ADA and PopCap Games have come up with a fun, clever, and compelling approach that should appeal to young trick-or-treaters this Halloween. This campaign will help children recognize the relationship between healthy eating and healthy teeth, and provide one of the coolest alternatives to sugary snacks yet.”

Announced earlier this month, the “Stop Zombie Mouth” campaign will continue through Halloween, and provides parents, dentists and other adults with trading cards and coupons redeemable for entirely free copies of PopCap’s family friendly hit video game, Plants vs. Zombies, which can be given away to trick-or-treaters as a tooth-friendly alternative to candy. In just two weeks, thousands of ADA member dentists nationwide have ordered Stop Zombie Mouth kits to outfit their offices with the campaign theme and provide free collectible Plants vs. Zombies trading cards and game coupons to their patients. Other components of the campaign scheduled for next month include a public service announcement airing nationwide on more than 100 radio stations, a press conference in New York City and more.

The limited edition trading cards feature 45 different zombie types (including some not found in any editions of the game) and 5 new characters created specifically for the campaign who represent the germs found in a zombie’s mouth. Each pack holds five cards, including one card with the URL and redemption code to obtain a free copy of Plants vs. Zombies for PC or Mac computers. In addition, there are two mystery puzzles that can be built with specific subsets of the trading cards. The campaign music video, also launched today, features new and existing characters and is exactly two minutes long – so it can be used as a timer for brushing one’s teeth for the recommended length of time.

Currently, parents and other adults who host trick-or-treating children on Halloween can obtain the free trading cards only at participating ADA member dentists nationwide; at a later date, the trading cards may become available to consumers through additional channels. The free game redemption coupons can also be downloaded directly from www.stopzombiemouth.com. The coupons, trading cards and other themed materials are designed to raise awareness of the importance of kids’ oral health as well as provide a fun alternative to sugary treats on Halloween night.