Developed in Norwich at the Institute of Food Research (IFR), a new super-vegetable is now available to buy at all Marks & Spencer’s food stores throughout the UK. This new super veg can fight heart disease and even cancer. Retailing at £1.50 (50p more than the normal broccoli sold at M & S), it contains three times the normal levels of a compound that reduces inflammation and inhibits cell division, linked to the early stages of certain cancers.

Professor Richard Mithen from the IFR commented: “Our research has given new insights into the role of broccoli and other similar vegetables in promoting health, and has shown how this understanding can lead to the development of potentially more nutritious varieties of our familiar vegetables”

The chemical named ‘Sulphoraphane’ that is found in the new super broccoli, is carried around the body in the blood to boost the body’s antioxidants to reduce chronic inflammation and has not been genetically modified in anyway. Praised by the science minister, David Willets he stated, “This excellent work has led to the development of a highly commercial food product that will be both grown and sold in the UK, giving a real boost to agriculture, our personal health and the economy.”[pullquote_right]Scientists began the research in 1983 after studies showed that a broccoli rich-diet could protect against bowel & prostate cancer.[/pullquote_right]

This is clearly the start of bigger things to come, in an era where the general consensus is that there are not enough hours in the day and where science and technology dominates all. The new super foods will go hand- in- hand with a health obsessed market and the consumers will certainly flock in their masses.

Tom Harding

Writer for King Loaf & Alt Sounds