Survey Results: Home Hair Colour v Male Safety Knowledge

New research results from high street hair colour company, Natur Vital Coloursafe, claims that over half (54%) of British men are not aware of the potential risks of home hair colour and do not know what a patch test is.

With more men leaning towards changing their hair colour, these findings show a need for a better understanding about the chemicals and ingredients found in hair dyes.  With almost two thirds (62%) of men not knowing or never hearing of PPD, there is a chance they will be putting their health at risk.  PPD (para-phenylendiamine) is contained in almost all home permanent hair dyes to fix the colour but could cause a severe allergic reaction in some cases.

Natur Vital Coloursafe is a new generation of at-hair permanent colour that has no PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol and Parabens. With ten shades from blonde to black, users will achieve 100% grey hair coverage with long lasting shine and condition.

How to patch test:

Donna Mitchell, Natur Vital Coloursafe Ambassador and colour expert, explains “We’re hoping with findings like these, we can start to educate and encourage more men to patch test.  We would strongly suggest to anyone considering an at-home hair colour to do a patch-test every time you colour your hair.  It shouldn’t matter that you’ve used the colour before or have been colouring your hair for a long time, your body change – especially if you have tattoos, product ingredients change, so it’s far safer to just take the few minutes you need to test.  You should look at doing the patch test 48 hours in advance and place a small amount (size of 5 pence piece) of the dye on your arm.  Don’t place it behind your ear as if you do react, there could be a chance of swelling and you don’t want to risk that around the ear/throat area.  If you have no reaction, then go ahead a colour but do remember to repeat it the next time.

Quick Hair Colour Tip:

For guys looking to colour their hair at home, I’d suggest the natural route.  Look at your eyebrows and pick a colour that matches them as close as possible.  You’ll then ensure your colour blends rather than jumps out,” explains Donna Mitchell Natur Vital Coloursafe Expert.

NATUR VITAL Coloursafe stands alone in providing all the advantages of ammonia free and natural hair colouring products without compromising the efficiency and results of a the permanent formulations that came before it.  

 PRICE: £9.99  Available in leading Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and John Bell Croydon,

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