Swiss Lips & Philips Headphones unveil a Music Video Game that you need to hear

For their latest single release ‘Carolyn,’ Swiss Lips have partnered with Philips Headphones to create a remixable Music Video Game that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. It’s part music video and part video game. Every choice made in the game affects the music, allowing each user to create a personalized music video with their very own version of the track that can be shared through a social media powered leaderboard.

Based on Swiss Lips’ latest single ‘Carolyn,’ users play the game as Sam (Swiss Lips’ lead singer) in an epic sonic adventure, battling the evil Flame Gang to win the affections of his true love Carolyn. The experience combines all the retro 16-bit style of an old school driving game with a contemporary twist that lets players output their remixed track and accompanying video with dynamic 3D camera moves. The video (game) has 7 audio environments composed by Swiss Lips and every sound you hear was created specifically for the experience by the band and their producer. There are multiple endings to discover, and thousands of potential remixes. The videos with the most views rise to the top of the leaderboard, so a good ear for music can get you far.

Video content from the game will also be used to generate the band’s official music video that’s set to launch on Vevo. Make your video here.

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