The Cat that loves his fruit

Now there are some mentalists in the world, but stumbling across this video of a cat wearing an outfit and licking a banana is a new level of mentalistness. If the image of this doesn’t get you, then crank your speakers up and listen to the licking sound it is making. This video has received over 700k views – how mental are the King Loaf researchers watching this. So what did we decide to do? Share it with you on King Loaf obviously.

What? You want more info on the cat? Sure:

Cooper is an 18-month-old, cream-white Persian kitty. He is a sweetheart who openly displays his affection for others with tongue baths and fluffy rubs/brushups. Cooper loves to try out delectable treats. After transforming into a banana split sundae for Halloween, Cooper was rewarded with a fresh banana.



  • Haha classic bit of entertainment right there. That licking sound is well loud!

  • Miss Emma Louise

    Possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Tom Harding

    probably the most scariest thing I’ve ever seen…..