The Fades Debut album ‘Ragnarok’ out now

The Fades debut album ‘Ragnarok’ is out today on Genepool Records! As well as being available for digital download the album is available as a very limited edition box set which is a hand crafted tardis of ‘Ragnarok’ goodies including a CD version of the album, signed artwork, a t-shirt and loads of other exclusive merchandise! To order go to The Fades Facebook page. The Fades have also released an exclusive stream of the stomping album opener ‘Be Your Man’.

Ragnarok is a beast of a debut album from these punk soul rockers from south London. This fierce untamed album jumps through all varieties of rock, from the overpowering dark heaviness of opener ‘Be Your Man’, to the catchy melodious ‘Joy’ and back to the angular punk of ‘Meccano’. The band, made up by brothers Dave (vocals, guitar) and James Lightfoot (bass, bv’s), Jonny Barnard (guitar) and Alastair ‘Flash’ Thorpe (drums) set to work on the record after a very successful/messy tour of New York. Using the excitement and energy of the tour they’ve created a monster that’s ready to be unleashed on the world!

Track listing:

Be Your Man
I Don’t Wanna
Make Me Famous
But I Love You
Foot In Your Mouth
Eight Times A Day
I Love Punk Rock