The French Job – Apply Now

Apply now… for the job of your lifetime! Enjoy two weeks in a luxury villa on the Côte d’Azur, slip on your Maurice Lacroix Pontos S. Do What you do best: spreading the word about Séb’s assault on the freediving world record.

Apply now… for the French Job and get your friends to vote for you! In June 2012, Séb ‘The Sub’ Murat, one of the world’s best freedivers, will make his assault on the world record in a bid to dive to a depth of 703 ft. As blogger, personal assistant or pool boy you too can live this great adventure.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, make yourself comfortable and turn your speakers up. Watch the thrilling trailer to find out what’s at stake in “The French Job” and how the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you

Only the best get through

Sébastien “The Sub” Murat goes for the world deep freediving record. And he wants YOU on his team: Apply now… for one of the most coveted jobs in the world and report live from the beautiful Côte d’Azur.

Who will be part of Seb’s team?

Video Blogger
As Seb’s video blogger you shoot the most exciting images from our world record attempt, edit in our suite and thrill the world.
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English Blogger
As English-language blogger you’ll keep the entire world community hooked, from Alaska to Zimbabwe, and report live from the test headquarters.
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Russian Blogger
As Russian-speaking blogger you will keep the world’s largest country updated about Séb’s latest exploits. And of course, everything else that’s going down at the world’s  best workplace.
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Chinese Blogger
As Chinese-speaking blogger you’ll send compelling stories directly from the south of France to the Middle Kingdom, and keep our world record attempt in the public eye.
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German Blogger
As German-speaking blogger you’ll know how to get Seb’s story across in a gripping way and provide all the hot news as it happens down at HQ.
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WordPress Expert
As a WordPress expert you are our technical mastermind and make sure that our bloggers have a well-functioning platform for their contributions.
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Personal Assistant
As Personal Assistant you hold the reins.
You are the behind-the-scenes head of HQ and solve problems with ease.
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Pool Boy
As Pool Boy  you make sure our team can relax and are well looked after. And while you’re at it, you’ll make the most of the situation and enjoy the good life in France.
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You want to help your friends win the Campaign? Vote for them and increase their chances of winning this money-can’t-buy experience. By May 20th, 2012, the 10 people with the highest numbers of votes in each job category will be chosen by the Promoter. The winner will be selected from these candidates. Therefore not only the numbers of votes are important, but also the winners should present good reasons why they should win this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The winners will be obliged to fulfil the job tasks corresponding to their job profile available on this Website and on further instructions of the Promoter during the Campaign. For the job as one of the bloggers you agree to blog and communicate online on a daily basis, subject to the prior approval of the Promoter on the qualitative and quantitative content.

The execution of the Campaign depends on the execution of the deepdive world record attempt.

All about the Human Sub

Séb is no ordinary diver. He has been practising freediving as a sport for many years and has developed his own style in that time.

Séb is ready to break the world record.  

Sébastien Murat has in the past few years acquired an outstanding reputation as a deep diving desperado. Today he is taking his skills one step further in an attempt to bring his sport and the fantastic experiences associated with it to an even wider public.

The Swiss from Neuchatel has never understood the concept of ‘limits’. Séb revolutionised the world of freediving when he copied the technique of diving with empty lungs from marine mammals. Even international TV stations ran reports about this revolutionary approach.

Séb studied physiology at the University of Adelaide and now passes on his knowledge as a professional SCUBA diving instructor to his students.