THE GROWL Release New Single and Play Bigsound

Listening to The Growl’s colossal sound – built up in layers of percussion, with guitar tones one music critic aptly described as leaving the taste of iron on your tongue – it is hard to believe the band began as simply as a bedroom recording project between two friends. Seeing them live, as a six-piece dual-drummer wall of sound, more so. And while the core of the band is still founding members front-man Cameron Avery and bassist Clinton Oliver, it is safe to say the band has come a very long way in a very short time. 

In December last year the band locked themselves and a stack of old recording gear into a derelict and deserted loft above the streets of Perth city. With the roof literally coming down around them they set about recording their debut album. Eight months later the first single is ready to be released. Confusingly titled Cleaver Lever, the same name as their debut EP, the track embodies the evolution of The Growl’s sound. And the album is on it’s way…

The Growl have had a fairly speedy rise to prominence. In addition to being Unearthed by triple j for the Big Day Out in 2012, the band found a very strong grassroots following upon debuting as a live act in 2010. Community radio loved them, other bands loved them, and within a year The Growl were capable of selling out big shows to an increasingly diverse audience. 

Cleaver Lever is a significant event in this continuing evolution of the band.

Intense and sideways, but also so familiar and beautiful-sounding, Cleaver Lever is a lot of different things rolled into one… and while journalists often find themselves describing The Growl in vivid and colourful language, the common consensus is always that there is just something inexplicable and magical to what this band can do.

Cleaver Lever is available to purchase now on iTunes. The Growl’s new album is soon to be released, more information coming soon!



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