The Homeless Film Festival 2012 takes place at London College of Communication

London College of Communication (LCC) is proud to host The Homeless Film Festival 2012.  The Festival will provide a platform for homeless people to tell their stories through a series of high quality short films and features, raising awareness by putting the issue of homelessness firmly in the media spotlight.
The Festival has received submissions by homeless people from around the world and those being showcase include No Fixed Abode, a feature about a man who wakes up in a homeless shelter and tries to piece together this life, which will have its world premiere. Receiving their UK premieres are Red Card to Exclusion, a documentary about the Homeless World Cup 2011, Voices of Guerrero, a documentary by the street kids of Mexico, and A Sisters Call, a documentary about a woman who finds her missing brother, after 18 years, suffering from mental illness, and tries to bring him back.

Other highlights of the Festival include the screening of Cathy Come Home, directed by Ken Loach, followed by a Q&A with producer, Tony Garnett, and a discussion on the current housing crisis; a screening of Adam and Paul, with a Q&A with director Lenny Abrahamson, and a screening of Dark Days followed by a Q&A with director Marc Singer.
The Homeless Film Festival uses the film industry as a means for homeless people to move forward with their lives and away from poverty by running a series of filmmaking workshops through which homeless participants can create short films, whilst learning employable skills and engaging in a meaningful activity.
Festival organisers, Donkey Stone Films, have been working with homeless people over six months in Nottingham and Manchester, where they have been visiting a vulnerable women’s shelter. Both groups developed a short film script, took part in training on camera equipment and shot their films over three days across several locations. Their films will be shown during the Festival. Homeless people under the age of 25 are eligible to gain an Arts Award worth up to 40 UCAS points and help them to access further or higher education.

All films will be shown in the Podium Lecture Theatre at London College of Communication from 2 to 26 April. A donation of £5 is suggested for the screenings with Q&A’s and £3 for other films.
The Homeless Film Festival will also tour top independent cinemas in the UK and Ireland throughout April.
Screening dates and times. All films are to be shown in the Podium Lecture Theatre, LCC:

  • 2 April Cathy Come Home 6-9pm
  • 4 April Sisters Call 6-9pm
  • 11 April Adam and Paul 6-9pm
  • 18 April Voices of Guerrero 6-9pm
  • 21 April Dark Days 1.30-4.30pm
  • 23 April Short Film Strand 6-9pm
  • 24 April Red Card: Giving Exclusion the Boot 6-9pm
  • 26 April No Fixed Abode TBA

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