The Project Monument Experience Comes to Life

Remember the grief you felt when your Tamagotchi ‘died’? Or the Yoyo tricks that made you a playground superstar. Hazy? Then rediscover the games, the fads, and the toys, and revel in re- experiencing the best bits of your past with the Project Monument Live Experience.

Project Monument brings you an event not to be missed. Experience an escape from the monotony of adult life, reliving past glories and rediscovering your inner child.

This month, Intel™ brings the Project Monument experience to the real world, with a unique escape down memory lane, rediscovering the joys of days gone by.

Expect games you’d long forgotten about, a sugar rush that will leave you bouncing off the walls, and, if you’re very lucky, the chance to win the toy that childhood dreams are made of.

Head on down to Covent Garden this Friday 24th August, and let your inner child run rampant. Race you there!