The Puppet Monster Massacre 2: Zombunny Apocalypse

On July 26th The Puppet Monster Massacre was unleashed upon the masses. It was an all puppet tribute to the horror films of the glorious 1980’s. Instantly the film garnered a cult following to rival any other underground film. The film was a success. The fans are demanding more. It is time!
The Puppet Monster Massacre was a true DIY film constructed entirely by writer/director/psycho Dustin Mills and a small ragtag crew of dedicated maniacs. [pullquote_right]Funded entirely by the director’s wallet and fueled solely by passion and energy drinks The Puppet Monster Massacre emerged as a passion project with heart, soul, and originality.[/pullquote_right]
After a successful distribution deal and critical success we are ready to give the people what they want. PMM2 will be bigger, badder, better, and sexier than the first. Whereas the first film had one vicious monster, the sequel will be an all out monster filled bloodbath! More of the characters people love, and some new ones for the audience to fall in love with. More puppet nudity, more foul language, and more blood by the gallon!
We have big Plans for PMM2 including an amazing cast. Not only will everyone from the first film return (including Steve Rimpici (Red Dead Redemption), and Bart Flynn (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) but we have added a few exciting new members as well. Joining our cast will be Shawn C. Phillips (Assault of the Sasquatch, Haunted High), Sarah Swofford(Ratline, Pumpkin Scissors) and Robbie Rist (Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch & the voice of Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). As well as a host of cameos.
We truly intend to deliver a bigger, better, funnier, gorier, crazier film this time around. We learned a lot from making the first film and we have talked to the fans about what they love and what they… well lets just say “Didn’t love”. PMM2 will have:

  • Fewer fart jokes! (we may have gone a little overboard.)
  • More practical gore! (with a bigger budget this time around we can afford to use less CG)
  • Better audio! (Better microphones and a better working knowledge means that PMM2 will sound great!)
  • More puppet nudity! (including some male puppet nudity… for the ladies… um.. and for some of the fellas)
  • All the zany antics, lines, references, humor, and characters that made the first film great.

The Impact
In a cinematic world filled with remakes, prequels, sequels, and reboots DIY filmmakers are a true source of originality, ingenuity, and creativity. The original Puppet Monster Massacre was one of these films. A no-budget oddity filled with the blood sweat and tears of its creators. We love the world we have created and the characters that live in it. We need your help you make a fantastic sequel. This isn’t a cash in. This is a new story that we are dying to tell. If this project doesn’t get funded, then it may be a long while before we see the world of PMM spring to life again. This is a good time to mention that if the film gets funded we have guaranteed worldwide distribution. PMM2 will not sit on the shelf.
What We Need & What You Get
What we need:

  • To pay our amazing actors. These are pros, people. The actors were volunteers the first time around, but we are doing it right this time and paying these talented folks.
  • Special FX. In the world of DIY filmmaking digital fx are practically free. Since we have vowed to have more practical fx this time around, we will need the supplies to do so.
  • Sound. We want better mics, boards, transmitters, receivers etc. so that PMM2 can sound clear and professional.
  • Marketing. When the film is finished we want to tell the world how amazing it is! We’ll do this in magazines, websites, and via some really kick-ass posters and merch.
  • DVD Production. Its cheap, but it isn’t free. We get our DVDs produced a thousand at a time, so sometimes we need a chunk of money to get them manufactured and delivered to our distributor.
  • THE PUPPETS!!! You can’t make a PMM movie without the puppets. Our new puppets will be much more advanced than the originals. Most importantly they have legs!!! PMM2 won’t be shot entirely from the waist up. They will also have more realistic bodies, and arms that can actually move!

What you get:
ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF! DVDs, Swag, Credits, Puppets made and murdered in your likeness, props, invitations to the premiere etc. Check out our perk section for details.
Other Ways You Can Help
Spread the word! We understand if you don’t have a chunk of change to donate. Get on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, StumpleUpon, and whatever else! Proclaim the greatness of The Puppet Monster Massacre from every mountain top!