The Super Fruit Fuel from NASA

[pullquote_right]University of Pittsburgh animal study published in the Radiation Research Journal showed diet of nutritional supplement developed for Astronauts strong against effects of radiation exposure.[/pullquote_right]

A study commissioned by NASA and the Johnson Space Center (JSC) evidencing the benefits of nutritional supplementation under the harshest of environmental oxidative stress factors, radiation, will be published in the June edition of the Radiation Research Journal. University of Pittsburgh labs conducted the study which showed that the antioxidative properties of nutritional supplement formulas co-developed by NASA/JSC and Houston-based AmeriSciences, LP, for the astronaut corps increased the lifespan and lessened the negative health effects in conditionally surviving animal subjects who were given a lethal dose of radiation.

Using a combination of a multivitamin and antioxidant formula (known as the AmeriSciences/NASA Premium Multivitamin and the AmeriSciences/NASA Fruit and Veggie Antioxidant Formulas), this study was designed to test the long-term survivability and effects in mice subjects given high doses of ionizing radiation (9500 mGy). The groups supplemented with a diet of the multivitamin and antioxidant formulas who survived for 30 days or longer after exposure had an 80% survival rate at 250 days compared to 30% for the control group as well as lessened late effects of the radiation exposure.

“The significance of the University of Pittsburgh outcomes cannot be understated,” explains Carlos Montesinos, AmeriSciences Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs. “This study proves the effectiveness of a properly formulated antioxidant and multivitamin nutritional supplement in protecting the body from environmental conditions that contribute to negative health conditions and early aging,” adds Montesinos, “everyone can benefit from the knowledge of results like this.”

“Every day we are subject to environmental factors such as radiation that are considered oxidative stressors that can damage our cells,” states Barry Cocheu, President/CEO of AmeriSciences. “This has been linked to such physical conditions as cataracts, cancer, cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment – accordingly we all need to consider the possible benefits of adding the right nutritional supplement to our daily regimen.”

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