The Surf Pooches Of California

 For it’s third year running, the Surf City Surf Dog championship’s were held at Huntington Beach, California recently and the spectator levels reached new heights to witness these gnarly pooches catch some waves.

The two-day event featured heats depending on the canine’s size and had owners pay an entrance fee of $45 dollars per surfer.

Lisa Scolman, the organiser of the event commented: ‘We had a great swell of surf, which has made for a really great event. Even the ones that don’t want to join in can take part in the costume party or the walking event.’

 Five dogs also took part in an attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records but unfortunately did not manage to stay on for the required 10 seconds before they wiped out with there tails wagging above the water.

The event has raised money for several charities based around California, including Southern California Bulldog Rescue and the Orange County Humane Society.

This event is certainly a must for all dog lovers… If only I lived in California!

Tom Harding

Writer for King Loaf & Alt Sounds

  • Dude, the photo of the one dog diving off the board is a classic!

  • Tom Harding

    Haha yer man, it’s pretty much impossible not to smile to those pictures!

  • Ffi Davies

    Whattt?? That is some crazy stuff!