Thomas Dolby Announces UK Tour 2013

Thomas Dolby Thomas Dolby, musician, record producer and, now, award winning independent film-maker will be touring the UK in September and October 2013.

The British Synth player had chart success in the 1980s with hits like ‘Windpower’, ‘Hyperactive!’ and ‘She Blinded Me With Science’.

The Invisible Lighthouse Tour sees Dolby take his latest film project on the road, and present it to audiences as a unique theatrical experience.  Combining his music and art in one breath-taking show, the tour will focus on some of the UK’s most historic arthouse cinemas.

There is a mysterious island across the water off the East Anglian coast that, during its chequered history, has been an airfield, a military testing ground for experimental weapons and home to the main transmission network for the BBC World Service.  On the tip of the island is a beautiful lighthouse.

“Since I was a small child, I have fallen asleep, at night, to the soothing periodic flash of the light on my bedroom wall.” – THOMAS DOLBY
But, now, it is about to be closed down.

Like many lighthouses around the world, it’s becoming obsolete as ships adopt satellite navigation.  With global warming and beach erosion threatening its very foundations, it’s soon going to be a pile of rubble left to fall into the North Sea.

Over the past year Thomas has taught himself to become a writer, film-maker and editor in order to produce this impressionistic documentary that follows in the vein of his music and lyrics, describing it as “a kind of tone poem with music and moving images.”

Thomas Dolby’s The Invisible Lighthouse Tour is a unique transmedia performance, where he accompanies the screening with live narration and a musical soundtrack linking songs from various stages of his career, including ‘Cloudburst At Shingle Street’ through to ‘Oceanea’ and beyond.

10th Sept – Phoenix Cinema, Leicester
14th Sept – Watershed Cinema, Bristol
16th Sept – Komedia Cinema, Bath
19th Sept – Gulbenkian Cinema, Canterbury
20th Sept – Union Chapel, London (with surprise guests)
22nd Sept – FACT Cinema, Liverpool
25th Sept – Picturehouse, Cambridge
29th Sept – Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh
2nd October – Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
3rd October – QUAD Cinema, Derby
4th October – Showroom Cinema, Sheffield