Through The Eyes Of A Caddy with Master’s Caddy, Carl Jackson

Through the Eyes of Caddy… Golf tips from the other side of the bag, featuring Masters Caddy Carl Jackson, and directed by Cathy Irby Durant will be available on DVD on September 25, 2012 via MVD Entertainment Group.

In over 50 years of caddying at Augusta National Golf Club, Carl Jackson has caddied for several US Presidents, some of the most winning football and basketball coaches in history, and caddied for some of the most powerful men on Wall Street. He has also , through a loyal friendship, carried the bag of Golfer, Ben Crenshaw for 36 years, helping him win the Masters’ twice. 

Now Carl Jackson, an internationally known Masters Caddy, shares game winning tips with pros and amateurs to improve your golf game. Through the Eyes of a Caddy illustrates in a 57 minute DVD, years of golf wisdom and features powerful interviews with golf industry friends who know and love Carl.

In a recent feature story in Executive Golfer Jim Harris writes, “Fifty years after he first began caddying in the Masters, Little Rock’s Carl Jackson still strikes an imposing figure. He’s 6-foot-5 with broad shoulders and big hands for carrying not only a hefty bag of golf clubs for a professional up that grueling par-4 18th at Augusta National Golf Club, but also sometimes emotionally ferrying that pro to securing a green jacket as well.” (For the full story, click HERE)

Jackson says after caddying at the Masters for 51 years he has lots of championship tips to share. He also admits that he’s not a “golf pro” offering training in the DVD, but a caddy who knows a lot about the game of golf, and wants to share tips to improve your golf game.

Cathy Durant, the creator, producer-director who has worked on over 300 video productions in her career, says “Carl Jackson was very natural on camera and did a great job with unscripted golf tips and illustrations.” Durant says she looking forward to the next DVD.