Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie DVD Release

Featuring an all-star cast including cameos from comedy legends Will Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum, Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover),  John C. Reilly and Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, is a goof and a spoof in a league of its own.

Exploding from the warped minds of US cult comedy heroes Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of alternative sketch show Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) this long-awaited debut feature film will have fans of this absurdist duo, lapping up this surreal big screen comedy that breaks all the rules.

Follow the pair on an off-kilter odyssey of gross out humour and hilarious parody.  Watch what happens when Tim and Eric are given a billion dollars to make a movie, but squander every cent on celebrity makeovers and helicopter rides and the Schlaaang corporation- the film’s mobster producers- seek pay back.

With head honcho Tommy Schlaang (Robert Loggia) putting out a contract on their lives, Tim & Eric flee L.A., reinvent themselves as Dobis PR and reply to an ad promising a billion dollars if they can turn around the dilapidated  S’Wallow Valley Mall.  Cue bizarre stores, screwball shop owners, a sickly man- child Taquito (John C. Reilly) and a man-eating wolf that haunts the food court in a movie that dry humps good taste.

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie was produced by Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die and heckled at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

To reward their loyal fans for not downloading their movie illegally and to coincide with the launch of the DVD in the UK, Momentum Pictures & the Prince Charles Cinema, will be hosting four special screenings with Tim and Eric on Thursday August 23 and Friday August 24.  The 18:30 performances will feature an extended introduction from the duo and the 21:00 performances will feature a ‘Live Commentary’ throughout the film.

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, released on DVD on 3rd September, cert.18 RRP £12.99 RRP (£8.84 DLR).