Top 10: Most FanTASHtic Moustaches In Music History

It’s Movember, a month when men across the globe get sponsored grow fabulous or sometimes hideous facial adornments above their top lip to raise money in aid of men’s health charities. To celebrate this good deed and frankly genius idea, we’ve compiled a list of the most fantashtic mowsers in music history in the hope that it will provide some inspiration for men everywhere who are getting their tash on for a good cause.

 So, in at 10 is…

#10 GG Allin

Arguably one of the most insane and controversial front men in rock history, this wild man used to regularly beat up or set fire to himself and his audiences while covered in his own blood and faecal matter. His tash represents how deranged he was. Almost beautiful in its sheer ugliness, two brushes at the side of his lip and shaved clean in the middle, it was later rocked by Jonathan Davis of KoRn, almost certainly as a tribute to this wild man of rock.