Top 10: Most FanTASHtic Moustaches In Music History

#1 Frank Zappa

The leader of the Mothers of Invention and jazz-rock fusion pioneer, Mr Zappa also grew one helluva mighty tash. Just look at it, as dark and dense as the centre of a black hole, who knows what ley beneath it. And it’s punctuated by a soul patch the size of the head of a sweeping brush. Splendid stuff.

So there we have it, a round-up of 10 of the most powerful moustaches ever to have graced the musical stage. If this has inspired you to donate some money in aid of finding cures and treatments for testicular and prostate cancer, please donate what you can. My personal ‘MoBro’ page can be found at Movember United Kingdom – Home . Men, there is still time to get in on the action and grow a beaut of your own for a good cause, go to Movember United Kingdom – Home to sign up.