Top 5 Sexiest Music Videos

Every bloke is the same, we absolutely love a good sexy music video with some B&B (bums and boobs for those of you playing the home game). Our screens are planted with images of these women that makes your wife look like a sofa. Here are the Top 5 Sexiest music videos. Tissues at the ready!  

1. Eric Prydz – Call On Me

Why can’t all gym’s have classes like this on show, all the time. I’m working up a sweat just watching this video, I cant imagine what would happen if I was in the class.  

[youtube id=”L_fCqg92qks” width=”610″ height=”350″]

2. Alex Gaudino Feat. Christal Waters – Destination Calabria

What a cheeky video, Trumpets, uniforms and ALOT of lip gloss. Wonderful.

[youtube id=”APtj3EvhfWA” width=”610″ height=”350″]

3. Christina Aguilera – Dirty

Remember when this was first released? Damn, Aguilera went from teen pop star to a REAL woman.

[youtube id=”s4N2T5TiGM0″ width=”610″ height=”350″]

4. Michael Jackson – In The Closet

Naomi Cambell in her early days showing off some sexy ass dancing with MJ.

[youtube id=”zwvix7uEQg0″ width=”610″ height=”350″]

5. Dan Balan – Chica Bomb

There isnt much to say about the music but the lady flashing her bits in this video is a real chica.

[youtube id=”16N8Zhhhins” width=”610″ height=”350″]