Treat your girl to a gift

There’s a quote I heard once, that stuck in my head which is “men want to be loved, women want to be wanted”. If you’re reading that, and you haven’t either smiled or looked up and made it sink it, then take a moment now to place it in your head, push away the football scores and beer cravings for a second and just eat that up.

Us blokes are sometimes (if not all the time) a little bit naive when it comes to being romantic. We take our other half for granted and forget that they are women, and women as it says in the above quote, need you to want them.

It takes a hell of a lot to keep the girl of your dreams, and why shouldn’t it? They put up with our weird little worlds, and they embrace them. They are the very few that get to delve into a side of you that no-one else will ever experience. So here is a little tip when it comes to the endless game of love, and something that will make her look even more beautiful that ever before.

Grab them a little gift, to say that you want them. The element of surprise alone will work wonders for your relationship, and the added fact that you can get them something small to just show that compassionate and loving side of you.

One idea is a fave with A-listers, make-up artists and fashion photographers alike. It’s a range called Smashbox Photo Finish Primers, and no it’s not as complicated as it sounds. She’ll love the gift, and will enjoy flawless-looking skin to impress you. It’s a win, win really, and it’s completely thinking out the box.

These primer things smooth, perfect and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores to create a silky canvas for their cute make-up routine that we all enjoy experiencing.

Everything at Smashbox is created, tested and photographed at their LA Studios so you know it’s the bomb. Check out the Smashbox website for more great gift ideas.[featuredvideo]


This post is sponsored by Smashbox, however the opinions are of the author.