Valentine’s campaign from RingTagz sees first ever proposal via a livestream rap

Yesterday saw RingTagz, the company behind the personlised ringback tones, launch its online Valentine’s campaign, #GiftRapping. The campaign urged Twitter and Facebook users to send in messages to their Valentine’s, for it then to be rapped live by freestyler, Jimmy Crackstar and made into their very own RingTag.

Along with hundreds of entries and over an hour of rapping, in a campaign first #GiftRapping also resulted in the first ever gay proposal via a livestream rap and RingTag, with Becky Rigby from Bath using the campaign to ask her girlfriend, Samantha Herrick, to marry her.

  • The rap consisted of the message Becky wrote to RingTagz outlinging why she was proposing to Samantha
  • The proposal rap was quickly wrapped up into an MP3 RingTag and sent to Becky’s phone so they could keep the reminder for as long as they wanted
  • Hundreds of other tweeters were also involved in the #GiftRapping campaign, with the website hitting views in the thousands
  • RingTagz allows subscribers to customise ringback tones with a library of exclusive media, from chart music to television theme tunes

About Ringtagz

Ringtagz replace the ring ring your callers hear whilst they wait for you to answer your phone. Choose from 1000’s of sounds including music tracks, sound FX, TV theme tunes and loads more.

It’s all about expressing yourself and entertaining your callers. Add as many Ringtagz as you want to your collection and play them for a single flat fee of only £1 a month. You can set your Ringtagz to shuffle so there’s always something new being played and you can even select different Ringtagz for specific callers – why not give your best mate a blast of their favourite chart track or your Dad his football team’s chant?

Entertain your callers. Make them Smile. Make them laugh. Make them dance. Just don’t be boring …ring..ring..ring..ring…