Valentine’s Day at Supperclub

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of being in love and sharing your life with your partner. Supperclub London, always known for always pushing the boundaries, they have taken this one unusual step further. If you visit supperclub on 14th February you and your lover will not only dine in bed side by side, but will be handcuffed together for the duration of the evening.

[pullquote_right]Once inside, guests are transported to a truly extraordinary place[/pullquote_right]

Couples will be made to feed each other and have the option of staying handcuffed even for trips to the loo. Those who manage to stay attached to their loved one for the entire night will win a spectacular prize and those who choose to unlock themselves will be shown just how love can tear them apart. Sexy former All Saint Mel Blatt will be also be DJ’ing, throwing out tracks and cupid’s arrows.

Throughout the whole of February supperclub will also be running an anti-fashion theme in honor of the multiple fashion weeks taking place all over the globe. There will be stylists on hand to make customers look like true anti-fashion followers and a catwalk where you can strut your stuff in front of the whole club. So if you’re not afraid to show your individual style and hate fashion victims, supperclub is the place to be.

Part of the same international group as the legendary supperclub in Amsterdam, supperclub London has rapidly become a Notting Hill institution. A hidden gem for those in the know, once inside, guests are transported to a truly extraordinary place, where the unexpected always occurs.

Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy is a writer for KingLoaf and music journalism site AltSounds.