Vans Off The Wall 2012 Spring Classic

The Spring Classic in Varraze opened with the first European premiere of the Bones Brigade Documentary and ended with an awards ceremony that celebrated the diverse styles and talent of some of the best transition and street skaters in the world.

Seventeen different titles were up for grabs at the 3-day event on the Italian Ligurian seashore. Judges awarded technical tricks, old school style, switch skills and even attitude to spread the 10,000 Euro prize across genres and award cash to a crew of deserving skaters.

Saturday qualifiers narrowed the field in the Mini Ramp contest to 20 competitors for Sunday’s finals. The “Cash for Tricks” best trick event gave several skaters the instant gratification of cash in hand as soon as the judges saw something they liked. In batches of 10-40 Euro, cash was doled out with Alain Goikotxea, Guillaume Mocquin, Kevin Kowalski and Dannie Carlsen stacking up the biggest piles of money.

The Street competition awarded prize money to the best single lines in the course, which stretched almost the entire length of the Varazze Pier, shouldering a small line up of surfers catching waves throughout the day. Martin Pek came in first with 2000 Euro for a Nollie Crooked grind down the big rail and a nollie bigger spin over the gap. Nassim Guammaz took home 1200 Euro after landing a nose blunt slide down the big rail and a 50-50 on the down rail over the gap. Kris Vile came in third with 800 Euro for a lipslide on the big rail and bigspin kickflip over the gap.

Saturday night, over 5000 filled the street for an unforgettable concert in the heart of Varrazze. Headliners Turbonegro shook the crowd with their fierce brand of hard core rock n’ roll while fireworks lit up the night sky. Alternative Hip Hop crew Doomtree reached out to energetic party goers through beats and rhymes, with an intelligent blend of showmanship and sheer talent. Italian hip hop samurai Salmo dropped heavy beats and spit furious raps to stir the crowd into a frenzy after opening acts Those Furious Flames and The Peawees started the night off right. Beer flowed, the streets were closed and the typical Italian Riveria was transformed into an outdoor concert venue to write home about.

Vans raised 2000 Euro for local charity Oratorio Salesiani Don Daniele to help underprivileged kids in the area by selling t-shirts and hats at the event.

Mini Ramp Total Prize Purse – 10,000 Euro
King of the Line – 4,000 Euro
Tricks For Cash Session – 1000 Euro

1st Place Martin Pek 2000 Euro
2nd Place Nassim Guammaz 1200 Euro
3rd Place Chris Vile 800 Euro

Best line/combo of the finals “Il piatto completo” 600€ JOSH YOUNG
Best technical rider of the finals: “L’ingegnere” 600€ DANNIE CARLSEN
Best Double ride of the finals: “La Famiglia” 1000€ KEVIN KOWALSKI / ANDY SCOTT
Hottest single trick of the finals: “Il Vesuvio” 600€ ANDY SCOTT: EGG PLANT TO DISASTER
1st rider not qualified for the finals: “Il Fantozzi” 100€ ADRIEN MARCO
Most Original tricks of the finals: “Mamma mia!!!” 600€ DAAN VAN DER LINDEN: ROPE STALL FAKIE
Best Switch trick/ride of the finals: “L’uomo Vitruviano” 500€ MICKY IGLESIAS
Longest Rock’n’roll or lipslide of the finals: “Il Sifredi” 500€ IVAN RIVADO
Best style of the finals: “Il Dongiovanni” 600€ ROSS MCGOURAN
Worst slam of the weekend: “The Spaghetti Western” 400€ MASON MERLINO
Best oldskool tricks/ride of the finals: “Il Padrino” 500€ ROB SMITH
Luckiest move of the finals: “La botta di culo” 300€ KRIS VILE
Best attitude of the weekend: “La Dolce Vita” 500€ FERIT BATIR
Fastest rider of the finals: “Il Beep-Beep” 500€ JAKE COLLINS
Best use of all the mini ramp’s options: “Il Tutto Fare” 500€ ROSS MCGOURAN
Most resistant rider of weekend: “Il Gladiatore” 800€ ALESSANDRO SORGENTE
Overall best rider of the finals: “L’Imperatore” 1400€ ALAIN GOIKOTXEA