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Volenté’s latest single ‘Hollow’ has been nominated for ‘Track of the Week’ by Classic Rock Magazine, and she needs two clicks of your mouse in order to be in for a chance of becoming this week’s reigning champion.

If you’ve not listened to ‘Hollow’ yet then why not have a little listen and watch the video above.

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Live dates:

Sat Aug 25 – Uplands Music Festival, Swansea 

What the Press are Saying:

AltSounds – “This record is a delight. It cast an eye to past classics from a ‘rave generation’ via ‘trip-hop’ favourites and brings it all bang up to date with its bassy backdrop while still holding on to an ‘indie’ root or two.”

Samuel Saunders – “[Hollow is] a powerful, anthemic release that’s soon to shoot the starlet to a high level of fame.”

MusicEyz – “The intro contains a lovely piece of music, almost mystical and really makes you want to listen. Then a strange piece of composition introduces the amazing vocals of Volente. Where has this girl been hiding? Incredible”

The Black Flag – “[Hollow] reflects her ever evolving musical tastes and influences with the track being centred on a heavy bass line allowing Volentes vocals to almost float across the music in a somewhat haunting combination. Certainly when the album is released later in the year, if ‘Hollow’ is anything to go by, it could be one to watch.”

Tastes Like Rock – “Vocals are haunting and the melody of Hollow is infectious. There’s a sad yet soothing air to the song, perfect for a sunset worth of meditation and introspection.”


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