Volenté to play 3 gigs in support of new 3 track single Broken Promises

In support of her brand new 3 track single, ‘Broken Promises’, Volenté is about to embark on 3 gigs across Wales and England, which is sure to be a glorious live event that showcases exactly what makes this lady a unique and spellbinding musician and performer.

Volenté is responsible for personally writing, recording and performing her music, making it a very personal and high emotive offering. ‘Broken Promises’ has been receiving a great deal of critical acclaim, with Volenté being compared to great musical influences such as Bjork and Kate Bush. The blend of genres meshed together in a fierce yet highly compelling manner makes ‘Broken Promises’ a surreal and imaginative world where wondrous ideologies, imagery and musical displays are intertwined beautifully.

Broken Promises’ is released March 25th on Dockrad Records.

Make sure you get over to one of the following to see Volenté in all her glory.

  • Friday 22nd March // Warehouse 54, Newport
  • Friday 12th April // Dublin Castle, London
  • Friday 26th April // Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Watch the artistic video for ‘Broken Promises’ below:

[youtube id=”lxtGgr4CRiM” width=”610″ height=”350″]