Volvo Trucks Release New Film Teaser

The camera is running and the stage is set for Volvo Truck’s upcoming video The Casino, directed by Henry Alex Rubin – and all we know is that the main character is likely to be a truck. The Casino is premiering on September 24th and we’ve got the teaser video in the player above.

With viral bulls-eyes such as The Epic Split, The Hamster Stunt and The Hook already under its belt, Volvo Trucks has shown that truck commercials can be entertaining, captivating and attract large audiences throughout the world.

01. San Remo Teaser

The film will have its premiere on September 24 at the IAA truck show in Hannover, Germany, and simultaneously be released on Volvo TrucksYouTube channel. The film will be released in connection with the launch of a world-first transmission for series-produced heavy vehicles featuring a dual clutch, Volvo’s I-Shift Dual Clutch, and as with previous films this one too will include an unexpected twist, to say the least.

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

All told, Volvo Trucks’ latest commercial films have won 130 awards the world over, while the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has increased many times over.

Inspelning av Volvo reklamfilm i San Remo

The film was directed by Oscar-nominated Henry Alex Rubin, who is also behind Volvo Trucks’ Live Test films The Chase and The Ballerina Stunt.[featuredvideo]