Want to win Pro Evo Shoreditch Cup?

Online gaming is all well and good, but if you’re a bit tasty at Pro Evo,  and want the satisfaction of seeing your beaten opponent ‘as sick as a parrot’ then you need to head down to Villain for our first ever Shoreditch Cup.

When it comes to footy games, you’re either Team Pro Evo, or Team Fifa – with the rivalry between the two camps more intense than i-Phone V Blackberry, this is a night to prove why PES is best.

“PES 2012 is a brilliant simulation of a real match. If you know football, you are going to want to spend some time with this amazing game.”        Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Continuing the night in with a night out combination, Ultimate Villain announces the first Shoreditch Cup on 30th November 2011. If you consider yourself a PES PRO, this is your night to prove it. Play against, peers, rivals and fellow ‘PES-heads’ in this night dedicated to people who love the beautiful game; it could get ugly.

Celebrate victory or console defeat with great drinks offers in this unique setting. With a bar made out of an aircraft fuselage and a car emerging from the ceiling, there’s plenty of room to warm up before an attempt at gaming glory on one of at least 6 screens available for gaming in one of the cosy dug outs. Just watch out for the ref!

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