Watch: 200ft dive into wrecking ball balloon filled with Sugar free Mountain Dew

Now that the sun has decided to shine its head (for a little while at least) we can now sit outside and enjoy an ice cold beverage. Those of you watching your sugar levels, but have a soft spot for drinks with a flavour explosion will be pleased to hear that Mountain Dew have launched a new sugar free version of their classic Mountain Dew drink.

To launch the new drink, Mountain Dew decided to chuck a young man off a 200ft crane into the path of of a wrecking ball balloon filled with Sugar free Mountain Dew. Watch the video below to experience something quite unique:

Since the 1940’s, the brand has developed their flavours and built a strong understanding of what their customers want from a refreshing drink. Sugar free drinks are consistently being produced to meet the demands of our liquid consumption, and Mountain Dew have jumped along for the ride.

Our society has become heavily reliant on calorie counting, and we are always watching what we put into our bodies. With the original Mountain Dew weighing in at 118 calories for a 250ml bottle, the new sugar free version drops the amount to the handsome total of… 2 calories. Yep, you got it, you can now enjoy your favourite refreshing drink, with minimal calorie intake. This is great news for everyone watching their sugar, and calorie intake when trying to enjoy a drink with a huge amount of flavour.

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