Watch: Chad Strider – Born To Walk

Bupa has released this viral video as a global digital campaign to get people walking more and keeping their hearts healthy, as well as keeping their butts in shape!

The mockumentary style video was shot in Hollywood and tells the story of ‘Chad Strider’, a character who believes he is the world’s best walker. It follows Chad’s ridiculous life story in a classic Hollywood rise and fall. Watch the video in the player above.

To help you along the way there is a supporting walking app called ‘Ground Miles’, which tracks every step you take. You can set your own personal daily goals, reaching your goal is super easy with the map feature. Struggling to motivate yourself? Then no worries, set it up to receive motivational messages and even create and join groups with friends.

Chad has the title of ‘the world’s greatest walker’ – a stunning title right? So he lives up to his name… by walking alot and overcoming his flaws in life.

Walking is a very simple way to get the most out of your body, it’s simple, and doesn’t need to take too much out of your day. A healthy heart is a happy heart, so get your stride on today and live the life of Chad Strider… well sort of![featuredvideo]