Watch: Mazda Real Challengers – Beardyman Interview

Beardyman has come a long way since winning the UK beatbox championships TWICE in 2006 & 2007 (in 2008 he was the judge) and since his internet viral Kitchen Diaries was shown on the Ellen Degeneres show in the USA in 2007 it has now accumulated over 5 million plays across YouTube (with the total views of all of his clips in the high tens of millions) and his skills bagged him a headliner slot next to Katy Perry at the first ever YouTube LIVE concert, in 2008. She may have kissed a girl, but Beardyman created the buzz for the whole event and got to second base by helping YTL make history by receiving the most ever views online, ever, at one sitting.

He might be a well-known musician now but it hasn’t always been the case for beat-boxer Beardyman. Watch as he takes us through his unique and convention-defying process of creating music.

In his own words, you’ve got to see it to understand it!