Revolver Entertainment and Silverleaf Productions present J.K. Amalou’s psychological thriller, DEVIATION starring Danny Dyer (HUMAN TRAFFIC, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY, DEAD MAN RUNNING) and Anna Walton (HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY, VAMPIRE DIARY). 

Set in today’s London, Deviation takes viewers on a fearful ride in the knowledge that despite the city supposedly being awake 24/7, the same situation could happen to anyone. Everyone living and working in the capital is just as vulnerable. 

When Frankie (Danny Dyer), a dangerous psychopath on the run, car-jacks young nurse Amber (Anna Walton) and takes her hostage to aid his escape out of the country, it’s the start of a long night. Stuck in the car with a madman, Amber is forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Frankie as, by morning, only one of them will be left alive… 

Told in one night, DEVIATION is a taut, tense thriller that grabs urban legend and runs with it: the deep-seated, subconscious yet very human fear of being abducted by a stranger.

Released by Revolver Entertainment in cinemas on February 24th and available to own on DVD February 27th.



  • Can’t wait to see this.

  • Looks awesome! Really looking forward to watching this.