Watch: PlayStation – Players Since 1995

As if it isn’t an exciting time in the run the up to Christmas, but to tease us with the biggest console release of the last few years, PlayStation have released a lovely little heart-wrenching advert to look back on where it all began.

The PlayStation 4 is set for release at the end of the month (November 29th), and this nostalgic advert will get your memories out of the closet and re-live those years gone by. Watch the video in the player at the top.

The clip features a young gamer going through every important stage of his life alongside his ever-expanding collection of PlayStation consoles. 

Starting at just a youngster with the original PlayStation, then following his life as he grows up through the years getting through girlfriends, bad records, PS2, PS3 and now the new PlayStation 4. This evolution in games console really  is astounding, and makes you re-live the moments you’ve had in your life as a gamer.

The clip was made to celebrate fans’ contributions to the Twitter topic “#PlayStationMemories”, which started back February ahead of the PlayStation 4 announcement.

As you will be aware, the new games look incredible. The graphics, the gameplay, even the new-look-sleek-design is enough to make every gamer dribble. 

PlayStation 4 will be released on November 29 in Europe, get excited, it lands soon![featuredvideo]