Watch: Sony’s Action Cam – A Never Before Seen Film

We have the ability to make almost anything in a laboratory but should we? Director Ryan Dzierzek combines eerily realistic footage from Action Cam by Sony with VFX to imagine what happens when a genetic experiment revives something meant to stay extinct.

How it was made:

Dzierzek used the Action Cam to capture the point of view of the Creature. The Action Cam was mounted on a variety of accessories and a quad-copter as it made it’s way through London and it’s suburbs. This allowed for natural running and flying motions that the imagined Creature would have.

creature wings

The Creature was created entirely in 3D and composited on the live action Action Cam footage. From animation, to VFX compositing, to drones, this film allowed the director to push the technical limits of what can be done with a small, hand-held camera. Dzierzek not only directed, shot, animated and edited this film but designed and created the creature specifically for this project.