WWI Breakthrough!

Battlefront.com and Fury Software are proudly introducing “WWI Breakthrough!”. This expansion to last year’s highly rated Strategic Command WWI: The Great War is covering all aspects of the Great War, combining history and fun in no less than 20 exciting and action packed campaigns, offering you the best in WWI grand strategy.

WWI Breakthrough! is in late beta stage and is scheduled for a release within 8-12 weeks. It is an add-on and requires the base game, Strategic Command World War I 1914-1918 The Great War in order to play.

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WWI Breakthrough! contains high, medium and low level campaigns, designed to suit the tastes of those wanting quick fire campaigns as well as those wanting grander campaigns.

WWI Breakthrough! also introduces a Deployment Phase which allows you to choose where to deploy key units before the fighting begins.

In the updated Breakthrough Edition of the classic 1914 Call to Arms campaign this means that Germany doesn’t have to start with all her forces massed in the west, and can delay conflict with the British by respecting Belgian neutrality. The strategic possibilities this opens up are there for the taking.

There’s also a new grand campaign in the shape of 1914 Ostaufmarsch for those who would like to explore what could have happened had the Germans started the war with the majority of their forces in the east.

We’ve also included something special and exotic, in the shape of von Lettow-Vorbeck’s campaign against the British Empire in German East Africa.

There are campaigns aplenty set on the Western and Eastern fronts, such as the 1914 campaigns March on Paris and Tannenberg through to the great Ludendorff Offensive of 1918, and his final attacks that led to the Second Marne.

The intervening years are well covered too, with the 1915 battle of Loos, and 1916’s Verdun, Jutland, the Somme, and the great Brusilov Offensive.

This is followed by the Nivelle Offensive of April 1917. Could the French army have won a victory on the Chemin des Dames if it had been handled differently? WWI Breakthrough! is your chance to find out.

American participation in the war is far from neglected, and Patton’s tanks will be rolling forward in the St. Mihiel Offensive, swiftly followed by General Pershing’s advance in the Meuse-Argonne in the final weeks of the war.

This release also provides the opportunity to refight two important wars from either side of the Great War: the First Balkan War of 1912-13, and the world changing Russian Civil War.

A final treat is the 1915 Siege of Kut, where the Ottomans will battle it out in Mesopotamia with a British Relief Force to prevent it from rescuing General Townshend.

WWI Breakthrough! is your opportunity to discover just how much fun can be had playing WWI grand strategy at its finest.

Key New Features

Deployment Phase

For enhanced flexibility and replayability!

Key units can now be deployed where the player wishes at the start of a campaign before any fighting starts.

New Supply Rules

For enhanced strategic realism!

Units defending resources that have been cut off from their home territory will now find it much harder to hold out, and damaged HQs will provide reduced logistical support.

Armored Trains

For enhanced historical realism!

Our new Russian Civil War campaign just wouldn’t have been right without them!

Improved War Map

To help you plan your battles!