Young Circles Release “99%”

Young Circles are excited to release their new single “Ninety-Nine Percent“. The track is a tribute to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement, with all proceeds from the single being donated directly to The single is available for a $1 or higher donation, packaged with both the SLDGHMR remix and album version of their track “2012”, off their recently released album Jungle Habits.

[Ninety-Nine Percent] bottles up all of the frustration and vitriol of U.S. financial inequality into a fiery, apocalyptic five minutes

[quotename]Broward New Times[/quotename]



Inspired by the recent protests while entrenched in recording new material, the band wanted to express their support of the movement.  A representative from thanked the band for their efforts, saying “We stand against oppression. We stand for equality and human and civil rights. We stand against corruption and against war. We stand for non-violence. We stand for love.  Thank you again, you guys are amazing.”

Young Circles has been busy at work on the follow up to Jungle Habits, as well as plotting out a tour for later this year. The Miami-based band has also been involved in the recently percolating Occupy Florida movement, and plans to travel to NYC in the coming weeks to show their support in Zuccotti Park.


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